The energy certificate of a building is a document with data on energy efficiency

of a building that contains recommendations for its improvement and information about

the foreseen costs of energy use in the building.


An energy certificate is mandatory for:

- buildings or individual parts of a building that are intended for sale or renting to a person that had no permanent or temporary residence in the building or a part of the building before the lease,

- buildings that are a property or in use by the public sector with a total usable floor area of 250 m², in which the building manager must place the energy certificate in a visible spot.


A calculated energy certificate (rEI) may be prepared and issued for any building.

It is mandatory for residential and all new buildings.


A measured energy certificate (mEI) is intended for existing non-residential buildings or parts of a building and is prepared on the basis of measurements of energy use for the previous 3 calendar years.


We are authorized for the preparation and issuing of energy certificates. We prepare a professional and quality energy certificate of the building and advise you on how to improve the energy efficiency of your building.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Spatial Planning has given us a public authorization for issuing energy certificates.