Due to the growing consumption of goods and natural resources, the quantity of waste is increasing. Incorrectly disposed of waste can endanger the health of humans and adversely affect the environment, especially water and air. Waste landfills must be appropriately located; planning of new landfills is thus one of the hardest spatial planning tasks. Solutions must follow the high standards for managing environmental impacts, and the selected area for the landfill must have good traffic connections and be as far as possible from settlements.  Deponije

Through waste disposal, we ensure long-term slow decomposition of waste, whereby the deposit method mainly depends on the nature and properties of the waste. Construction waste is a mixture of materials that originate from demolishing concrete or masonry structures, removing asphalt and other construction or demolition works. Construction waste materials from stones or minerals are also included.


Construction, renovation and, in particular, demolition of construction objects create a large quantity of waste materials, so the focus should be on collecting and recycling of construction materials. The company is thus focused on the search for technological procedures for recycling the created waste materials from construction that enable the possibility of reusing materials to the greatest extent possible.


 This way, we can significantly reduce the immediate negative effects upon the environment and also satisfy the demand for basic construction materials. Geoportal d.o.o. attempts to assist clients from the idea phase to the execution of projects through environmental technology and communal infrastructure and prepare optimal solutions with our rich experience and knowledge.