For the quality and safe installation of an object, good foundations are essential. Foundations are construction elements that withstand the load of an object into the foundation ground. For the execution of a shallow or a deep foundation, an excavation for a construction pit is usually needed. The method for the preparation of construction pits is conditioned by geological circumstances and locational and geotechnical conditions. In accordance with the applicable legislation, certain demands must be fulfilled that ensure mechanical resistance and stability of objects during their life span and whose goal is to limit the hazard to humans, animals and property in objects and their immediate vicinity.
  Gradbene jame

Objects must be designed, constructed and maintained in such way that any conditions they are likely to be exposed to during construction and use shall not cause: demolition of the whole or a part of the construction object; deformations that are larger than allowed; damages to other parts of the construction object, installations and built-in equipment due to larger deformations of the supporting structure; and damages due to an unforeseen event whose scope is disproportionally large in relation to the main cause.

Objects must be designed, constructed and maintained in such way that their supporting structure maintains the required load capacity in case of a fire over a time span that is determined for an individual group of objects by regulations on fire safety of objects. Demands in relation to mechanical resistance and stability of objects can be fulfilled by designing and constructing in accordance with the principles and regulations of Eurocodes or by considering the principles and reasonable use of Eurocode regulations for designing and constructing of objects (e.g. very unusual object geometry) or for the use of construction materials (e.g. glass) that are not dealt with directly by Eurocodes. When designing, our company considers all the above mention regulations and thus ensures safe and quality execution of construction pits.